Bio-Energetics Therapy

Bio-Energetics Therapy using a BioScan machine, will extract the functional frequencies of your organs and systems. It is an energetic picture of whether you are functioning optimally at high stress, or with chronic blocks. Where these are, gives us clues to the story. By stress testing, we unravel the hidden secrets that are stored in your body. This can be food allergies, the wrong diet, incorrect exercise, viral or bacterial infections, etc. Combining Functional Treatment and Lifestyle Medicine Principles, according to individual test results, reveals the optimal treatment plan to restore your balance. See below for more information.

Bio-Energetic Stress Testing with BioScan

BioSCAN is a computerised biofeedback system, using advanced technology that involves sending a small current through the electrical pathways in the body known as meridians.

Meridians pass through specific organs and tissues. The organs and tissues regulate how much current moves through them and this reveals their functional state. We are therefore able to see the stresses, strengths and weaknesses in the body. The test evaluates all 4 of the body’s organs and systems and generates a report based on the body’s responses.

Living Beings

Every living thing has an electromagnetic field, blueprint and resonance. One of the basic principles of Vibrational healing is that every part of the body, every cell is in a state of vibration. When we are in a state of good health, our body has an overall harmonic output. However, when we encounter a frequency that is not harmonic, it causes disharmony that we then call dis-ease. Thousands of digital codes are output from the BioSCAN System to resonate with the out of balance organs and systems, allowing the body to choose what it needs to balance these organs and systems. The beauty of this technology is that the Client’s body shows the practitioner where the stresses or weaknesses are, and what the body needs in order to balance them and support their return to a healthier state.
Most of the technology currently used in the medical field is designed to define the parameters of disease. The challenge with this approach is that many people are not in a state of optimal health, but they also do not have a disease process. These individuals may show negative on CAT scans, stool samples, blood chemistry analysis, saliva samples, GI tests, etc. and yet they have a multiplicity of symptoms. We call this type of person “vertically ill” – able to stand up, work and live, but they find themselves constantly battling fatigue, irritability, allergies, digestive discomfort, recurrent infections, hormone imbalances, headaches, pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety etc. The utilisation of BioSCAN technology complements all healing modalities and can give indications of cause and effect along with that which supports health and balanced energy, rather than a diagnosis of symptoms.