Kim Tempest

Bio-Feedback Therapist & Functional Nutrition Practitioner

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”  ~ Jim Rohn

My Story

I have worked with the original BioSCAN System from as early as 1998 when DOS systems still had their place in computerised electro-dermal-screening. These BioFeedback tools have formed the basis on which I am able to connect with my clients and “read what they need” in order to bring them back to optimal health and RESTORE BALANCE in their lives.

My Passion for Health

My passion and belief lies in the art and science of healing from within to without. The paradox being that one must go within in order to heal the “with-out” i.e. the symptom.

BioScan technology (the software & hardware) combined with the art of BioEnergetics (the skill) taps into the body’s knowledge, memory & wisdom within. There are several levels of healing and the approach is often multi-dimensional. By dealing with each layer, as it appears, one can remain tuned into the healing process, following all the clues and guidelines of the body, and in this way, health goals become achievable, realistic and in tune with what the body is READY to deal with.

Health is PERSONAL and there is no single session cure with a magic potion. This therapy is integrative and follows certain protocols based on tried and tested Functional Medicine Principles. It also embraces the potential for emotional release and paradigm shifts in consciousness, self- awareness and self-knowledge. Whether complex auto-immune diseases or simple food intolerances, we all seek an answer to our health questions.

With a combination of supportive therapies, nutritional and dietary changes, vibrational medicine has the power to heal many dimensions simultaneously and restore balance. All that is required is a willing health seeker.